I work with adults struggling with relationships, depression, anxiety, or other disorders, as well as with individuals who are simply looking to create meaningful change in their lives and may be hitting stumbling blocks along the way.

At some point in our adult lives we all come to a place of feeling stuck or trapped, confused, sad or just plain scared of the transitions ahead. Life circumstances can become complicated and threaten to overwhelm. Depression and/or anxiety can compound these moments and leave us  feeling rather without direction or hope. I work with adults in digging their way out of these feelings in order to create space and opportunity for themselves where they previously thought there was none. This transformation is always compelling to me as it often comes with a radiant inner stability that a person can bring with them through their entire lives. It is truly exciting and meaningful work that I am grateful to be able to do.

I have extensive experience working with adolescents and their families who are struggling with serious issues such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorders as well as with teens facing more typical issues that arise at this stage of life. I work with these teens and their families to better know themselves and the unique set of obstacles of their disorder or stage of life so that they can live functional and fulfilling lives. I believe that early intervention is crucial as teens are creating patterns and habits to which they will return again and again throughout their lives. The earlier we start, the earlier we can lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.

I believe that two of the hallmarks of a good therapist are empathy and the recognition of each person’s individuality. My work is rooted in family systems but I utilize psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive behavior modalities to find the modality that best matches the personality, problems and hopes of each client in order to help them find the relief and growth that they are looking for. It is my belief that  being present for my clients without judgment is a large part of a successful therapy process, and this is the basis of my entire practice no matter what approach we adopt. 

Let’s get together and talk about where you want to be in your life and we will create a treatment plan to get you there.